Friday, August 22, 2003

School starts back up on Monday, so I will be heading back up north to Michigan Technological University tomorrow morning. While I do see the value of a solid education, I have no desire to return for what will hopefully be my last year. By all rights, I should have found myself with a B.S. in computer science and a decent job at the end of last summer. However, the process of transferring from Northwestern Michigan College, which I attended for two years, to MTU did not proceed as I had hoped. Thus, I am now on my fifth year of college. At least I'm down to just one more year.

Now that I've done my little rant for the day, I'll get down to business, which is another rant. The purpose of this post is to correct a terrible wrong. Something so horrific, I come very near tears every time I think of it. Once in a while, when I am incredibly bored and have nothing better to do, I'll sign on to AIM just to read through the profiles posted by users on my buddy list. In this case, one of my friends (who we'll call WRONG, as that describes said person quite aptly) had posted a list of the top ten movies they had watched this summer. Reading through the list, I noticed that...just a moment...let me compose myself...I noticed that..."The Matrix Reloaded" had ranked a full 2 places higher than "Pirates of the Carribean"! I'm not saying either film will ever be remembered as great cinema, but at least "Pirates" had some semblance of a plot and a script, not to mention some very witty and amusing lines. "The Matrix Reloaded" certainly made one of my top ten lists - "Top Ten Movies I Regret Seeing in the Theater".

I would like to let everyone who worked on "Pirates" know that though my opinion will not count for much in the grand scheme of things, I consider their movie one of the most entertaining movies of the summer.

Now, I'm going to finish off my scotch and try to forget that school starts again on Monday...Advanced computer architecture - unghh...

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Well, here it is, my first entry. I'm not sure what direction I'm going to take with this blog yet, but let us hope I'll be able to update it more often than I did my website. Considering how much easier this is to maintain, I don't think that will be a problem. Here's to many more (frequent) posts!