Friday, January 07, 2005

Good Science Fiction

I was going to write this long, in-depth post about a series of books I've been working my way through. However, it's late and I desperately desire sleep. So visit the link above, or to the side, or below, or wherever the darn thing happens to be (I'm not that familiar with the layout I chose for my blog).

Oh, I suppose I should describe where you'll be going when you do click the link (and you will click the link, or unsettling things may happen to you and your loved ones...). Briefly, there was this guy who happened to be an author. He wrote a handful of books about this planet called Arrakis. Well, that's not quite accurate because it was more than just Arrakis, but the planet did play a central role in the book. That is, if you just skim the surface and don't plunge deeper. Getting back on track, this guy wrote these books, then died. Following his death, this guy's son...did I tell you this guy's name? No? Well, it was Frank Herbert...Anyway, Frank's son, Brian, got together with this other guy, Kevin Anderson, and finished the last book from Frank's Notes (I capitalize the 'N' here because Frank was such a cool guy and we need to capitalize the nouns describing his stuff, though I guess I didn't capitalize the 's' in 'son'...).

Apparently, Brian and Kevin did such a good job, and Frank's Notes were so good, the two guys went out and wrote two prequel trilogies. So now there are a total of 12 (5 + 1 + 3 + 3 = 12) books in the Dune series. Oh, and that's the name of the series, and also the name of the first book in the original series, Dune. So now these two guys have a web site for the series, with plans to write a seventh book to the original series. This web site is where the link will take you.

If you're interested, and you should be after my wonderful introduction, run to your local library, ignoring all traffic laws, throwing caution to the wind, and check out these books! Don't worry about the police, once you tell them you're trying to get the books as quickly as possible, I'm absolutely sure they'll let you go with nothing more than a warning. Ladies, remember to pout and show a little cleavage, just in case.

Ok, to sum it all up (just like I learned in school, though any of my past instructors would refuse to agknowledge they had anything to do with this abomination): Frank wrote some books, Frank died, Frank's son Brian wrote more books with some dude named Kevin Anderson, the two got a web site. You're going to visit the web site, then you're going to read the books. THE END.

Wow, that wasn't so brief after all, was it?

Oh, and it turns out the link is the title of this post. Who knew? And one more plug: Dune series by Frank Herbert = great reading, More Dune books by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson = Not as good as ol' Frank, but still great reading. Ok that's it. No more plugs for Dune.

Except this one: Dune is good...

Oh, and this one: mmmm...Dune...

Ok, no more Dune. Really! You don't believe me do you? I can see it in your eyes. And they all began to dance...