Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Motivated by Procrastination

This is one of those posts written with the sole purpose of giving me an excuse to procrastinate on my studies. With graduation only two and a half weeks away and classes ending (for me) next week, I'm finding that procrastinating has become entirely too commonplace in my life. I've just got to give it that final shove and hopefully let my momentum carry me through.

Since graduation is indeed so close, it's also time for me to start thinking about moving out of this town. While I cannot say I'll miss the winters up here, I will miss the slower pace at which everyone seemed to move. That is one of the things that has kept me sane these past three years. I'm also looking forward to ending my employment at ShopKo. While I have only been working part time since October, I've experienced enough to decide that I never, ever, ever want to work in retail again.

Speaking of leaving my job and moving out, there is a period of time between May 14 and May 24 when I will have absolutely nothing to do but pack and relax. I just hope I have enough money left by then to enjoy the time off!

Well, that was a complete waste of time, but at least I was able to put off my homework for another ten minutes. Now I get to waste time going to class, then I'll have to eat dinner, so it looks like I get another three hours before I have to start studying again!