Thursday, August 24, 2006

Visual Studio really isn't that great

I found the article linked to above while searching for information about...umm...err...well, I don't really remember. I am not enough of a writer to accurately portray how ecstatic I was to have found this article.

My current employer, which also happens to be my first employer since I graduated from Michigan Tech, is almost exclusively a Microsoft based company. All of the workstations run Windows XP (except for one iMac used by the marketing department), all of the servers run Windows Server, development is centered around Visual Studio Team System, and our applications target machines running Windows 2000 or Windows XP or devices running Windows Mobile. I was beginning to feel that I was the only one doing any sort of development for Microsoft platforms who was not gung-ho about Visual Studio.

I don't really have the time to go into this at any length, but I do agree with many of the points the article's author makes. Read it and let me know what you think. I've found myself paying more attention to how the design, or lack thereof, of my projects might be influenced by my choice of development environment. At the very least, reading the article should give you something to think about.

Boy, do I miss the days when all I "needed" for development was an open terminal window and gvim...