Monday, June 07, 2004

The Meijer Nymph

So I was trying to determine what direction to go with this post, and the following paragraphs are what I came up with. I've read them over and over, eventually coming to the conclusion that I didn't actually write any of it. However, I'd rather not anger the true author by deleting it, so it will remain. A note to those who dislike particularly mawkish (hee, hee, I found that one in the thesaurus!) content should browse elsewhere.

Not too long ago, sometime last week actually, I had a most extraordinary experience in the most unusual location for such a thing. It was on this particular day that I found myself in need of a new pair of shorts. Fortunately for me, my mother found herself in need of various items as well. I say fortunate for me because I had (and still have) no reliable transportation of my own with which to travel into town. So it was that my mother and I were standing in the checkout lane at the local Meijer store, when the extraordinary experience took place.

All together, the day had been terribly uneventful and dull. One of those days which is so unremarkable, it leaves no impression whatsoever in one's memory. I was working out a plan which would result in my obtaining a candy bar without having to spend any of my own money, when I noticed a movement in the checkout lane to my right. Normally, I would have paid little attention, as movement in and around checkout lanes is quite common, but as this day had been so uneventful I could not resist.

I turned my head in the direction of the movement, and was completely and utterly taken by the sight before me. A woman. Not just any woman, mind you, but possibly the most incredible woman mortal eyes have seen. Realizing I was staring and in danger of being discovered, I averted my gaze. It was not long before my eyes found their way back to this woman. Again and again I tried to look away. Again and again I failed.

A great sin it would be to attempt to capture her with words, so I beg forgiveness for what I am about to do. She was grace and elegance personified, beauty reimagined and redefined. To look into her eyes was to see eternity itself, unimagined magnificence. Her delicate hair was a light brown silk, her skin soft and light. The drab uniform of a Meijer employee did nothing to hide her loveliness. She was truly enchanting.

A moment later, and I was through the checkout lane. I cast one last glance at the lovely woman, hoping to never forget what I had seen, then left the building. It was an incredible experience. I have been back to the Meijer store on three occasions, but have not seen the woman since. Someday I hope to meet her, to speak with her. Two things remain which inspire this hope: my memories of that day, and her name as it was printed on her nametag. Hope...

Wow, okay, yeah. I still don't think I wrote that.

Comments anyone?

Well, it has been a while since my last post, and it might be a little bit longer before I make another real post (as opposed to this post which is obviously not "real"). For anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis (and I question the existence of such a being) you may have noticed that the HaloScan commenting is gone. Apparently, Blogger has undergone some changes since my last post, and they are now providing a commenting system themselves. I'll be trying this out for a little bit, and if I like it, I'll cancel my HaloScan account. So please, comment your hearts away so I can make sure this will work!