Monday, December 22, 2003

School's out until next semester, so perhaps I'll be able to update this blog more often. Then again, I do have several other projects I'd like to work on during the break as well. I have two websites I'd like to get up and running by next semester, and a couple of programming projects I would like to see completed within in the next few months.

Currently, I haven't decided where I'll put either of my web sites. In the past, I have been unable to complete any of the sites I've started work on, so perhaps I'll hold off on picking a host until both of the sites are ready. For a short time, I had some pages put up at Tripod, and was pleased with their services. However, I'd like to find a host that offers it services for free without requiring me to place adds on my pages. Impossible, I know. I do have space for a web page on my school's servers, but that would only be a temporary solution since I'll be graduating at the end of next semester. Besides, I'm not entirely clear about who would own the rights to my work if I used the school's web server.

A few word of advice for any would-be amateur webmasters out there: Make sure your topic is limited in scope so it can be given the proper amount of attention from a single individual. Perhaps the only thing that has kept me from having my own web site is my tendancy to come up with some grandiose vision for my web site, then realize that the idea is too big for one person to cover. Now I have two sites, but both are limited in the amount of information they will cover.

It seems I've run out of time to write further. In my next update, I'd like to cover how I managed to get Duke Nukem 3D up and running under Windows XP. Of course, I'll actually have to get the game up and running before I can do that.

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