Thursday, February 05, 2004

A Change is in the Air

I have changed my mind...again. This blog will no longer focus on technology. It was difficult for me to find worthwhile topics and publish with any frequency. Of course, being a computer science major, many of my entries will more often than not include a heavy dose of tech. However, I am now free to explore many other topics and maybe create a more interesting blog.

To celebrate this change, I would now like to ask a question which has bothered me since I've been old enough to use a mouse: Why do right-handed people get all the good mice? All of the really cool mice with the nifty features are invariably for right-hand use only. Those mice which can be used on the left are often marked "left or right handed" and have no more than 3 buttons. Perhaps the market for left-handed mice isn't that big, or maybe I'm the only left-handed person to actually use a mouse on the left. I'll stop now before I get myself all worked up, but I will leave you with one last thought to ponder: How many times have you seen an electronic device with just as much thought given to left-handed users as right-handed users?

Oh, I would like to mention one more thing before I conclude. I recently reread my entry on running Doom and Duke Nukem 3D under Windows XP, and realized that it might have made me out to be more of an FPS fan than I would have liked. For the record, I am not particularly fond of the first-person shooter, but the two games I covered are about the only games I can run in high resolutions with all of the "eye candy" turned on and still acheive blinding performance. Yes, my old GeForce 2 GTS is starting to show its age. Actually, it was starting to show its age when the GeForce4 was just coming to market, but I was in denial.

Now, for anyone who might still be reading (and I can't imagine who that would be, even I lost interest after the first paragraph), here's a little saying I came across when running the fortune program the other day, "Two heads are more numerous than one."

Until next time...

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